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Scientific Art Center invests in visitor counters to promote the visitor experience

Stockholm University's art hall Accelerator has, after a procurement, chosen to count its visitors with the help of visitor counters from IMAS. The visitor counters collect validated information that ultimately benefit the visitor experience. The new scientific art hall will also have information on how many people are staying in the premises.

- It is important for us to be able to easily count our visitors and know how many people visit the art hall. The more we know about when visitors are coming and how many they are, the smarter we can plan and make the visitor experience better, says Tove Nilson, communications manager at Accelerator.

The visitor counters chosen by Accelerator are equipped with 3D technology and can collect information such as gender and if the visitors are children or adults. You can also measure the number of visitors in real time.

Via IMAS's own web portal Xperio, one or more users can easily access this information as well as see statistics and get reports on the visits.

- Visitor counting is about using a scientific approach and make decisions based on statistically collected information. Therefore, it feels extra fun to have Stockholm University's scientific art hall Accelerator as a new customer, says Simon Lidholm, customer manager for IMAS public environments.

The new art hall is now housed in premises where research in accelerator physics was previously underway. Accelerator is a place where art, science and social issues meet and is part of Stockholm University.

In the past, Skansen, the Västerbotten Museum, Stockholm City Archives and the Universeum in Gothenburg, among others, are using IMAS services to make decisions based on statistically collected information.

All information collection is anonymized and data storage is in accordance with GDPR. If you want to know more about how visitor counting works, visit

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