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IMAS supplies people counters to Polestar's new showrooms in Europe and North America

Through its partner TopRight Nordic, IMAS has been commissioned to provide the electric performance brand Polestar's new showrooms with people counters in Europe and North America. By using validated information about the number of visitors and business patterns, Polestar will be able to offer visitors a better experience.

With technologically innovative and scaled-down visitor environments, the performance brand Polestar takes a new grip on car sales. IMAS's collaboration partner TopRight Nordic have together with Polestar developed the new visitor environments under the name Spaces. And to create an even greater understanding of the visitors, Spaces will be equipped with modern 3D people counters.

- IMAS has been quick, flexible and met our wishes in a good way. Thanks to the people counters, Polestar can access information such as visitor numbers and movement patterns in Spaces, says Oscar Arntsberg project manager at TopRight Nordic.

The 3D people counters have high market-leading accuracy and can, with the help of in-depth and artificial intelligence, also identify whether men or women, adults or children are visiting Spaces.

- We at IMAS are pleased to be able to deliver people counters to Spaces in Europe and North America. It's fun to be part of and contribute to innovative companies like Polestar and TopRight Nordic, says Tobias Henriksen, responsible for IMAS in the Nordic region.

IMAS helps, among other things, shopping malls, shops and public enterprises to collect and understand information about visitors and customers. IMAS has offices in Europe and Asia.

Polestar is a performance brand in the electric car market and is owned by Volvo Car Group and Zhejiang Geely Holding. Here you can read more about Spaces.

The information collected by the people counters does not store any personal information and complies with the GDPR Data Protection Regulation.

Here you can read more about people counting.

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